Happy Clients

We feel extremely lucky to have found Ryna. My daughter was frustrated and unmotivated after taking the SAT for the first time. Within days of hiring Ryna, her attitude changed. She was working happily and efficiently. The result was a dramatically increased SAT score. More importantly she learned to work smart, get organized, and have a calm and simple approach to her homework. Ryna has an easy style and a comfortable approach when teaching teenagers. My daughter responded to her and was a better student from the first session on. As parents, we found her to be happy, reliable, smart, prepared and a pleasure to work with. We happily endorse and recommend her for teaching and tutoring. I’m sure Ryna will succeed in whatever task she takes on.

Varinda, SAT Parent

Got the score I wanted and applications are submitted! Thanks for your help over the summer!

Kelsey, GRE Student

“Ryna is an awesome tutor. I knew next to nothing with math, and my reading comprehension skills needed some polishing. Ryna tackled my issues one at a time and reinforced the skills she taught me with extra practice and tricks that helped me remember what to do in the problem. She made herself available. So for any of you who are deciding whether a tutor is a good investment: it is. But to make it a better and more worthwhile investment: get Ryna.”

Stacy, ACT Student

Your class is really helpful to me. Thanks a lot!

Simon, GRE Student

Highly recommend working with Ryna! She helped me write my personal essay for graduate school last fall and made the whole process so easy. She asked me the important questions necessary to write a killer essay, helped me organize my thoughts and apply them to the page. Without Ryna I’m not sure how I could’ve written my grad school essay. Book her ASAP!!

Carli, Admissions Support Student

Highly recommend! Ryna at Book Smart Prep is an extremely knowledgeable and effective tutor. From our first session it was clear that I was working with someone with years of tutoring expertise and a passion for helping others achieve their educational goals. I learned not only how to solve particular problems but how to approach problem solving in general and with confidence. In each area, I felt that she really tailored the lessons to my specific learning style while still challenging me to succeed beyond my expectations. As a student who has taken both individual and group study sessions with Ryna, I can assure future students that Book Smart Prep will help them unlock the educational opportunities they are looking for.

Rafi, GRE Student

Hey Ryna! Thanks for the great instruction. Good luck in Chicago!

Anonymous, GRE Student

I had Ryna as a math tutor when I was studying for the GRE this year (2019). Ryna is intelligent, kind, patient and a skilled teacher. She created a safe and enjoyable space with her warm presence that made learning easy. I highly recommend working with her.

Juli, GRE Student

Ryna was an excellent teacher! I hadn’t touched the sort of math on the GRE in quite literally a decade, and desperately needed a refresher. I went in mostly interested in the math portion, but got a ton out of the writing and verbal parts, too. I’m not kidding when I say I got a 10-point score increase in the math section from where I started.

Katherine, GRE Student