How to Enroll in a Graduate Program Abroad

Megan Bolotin shares her experience completing a one-of-a-kind degree program at the intersection of fashion and psychology. If you’re considering going abroad for a graduate degree, this interview is chock full of advice!

1. What is one sentence you would use to describe who you are and what you do?

Behavioral Researcher/ Clinical Therapist (2 masters)

2. Why did you take the GRE? What was your experience studying for the GRE like?

I took the GRE so that I could have all my options open for graduate school as some programs required the GRE and others did not. I am naturally not a good standardized test-taker as I have test anxiety so I was nervous about the GRE, but I overall had a good experience. I had a private online tutor for 2 months, used prep materials (Magoosh, The Official Guide to the GRE), and made vocabulary flashcards and other flashcards to review any tricks or advice that I found valuable. Giving yourself enough time to prep and being organized during this time with a schedule really helped me prepare for the GRE.

3. How did you choose each of the programs you attended?

I have a unique interest in the intersection of psychology and fashion studies so I chose the only program in the world that studies the marriage of these disciplines. I attended the London College of Fashion, University of Arts London where I received a Master’s in Applied Psychology in Fashion (2018).

4. How did studying in the UK differ from studying in the US?

The most significant difference that I felt is that UK expects you to be much more of an independent student than American universities. While I studied in London, there were a lot less classes and much more independent study than when I studied in New York for my first masters. In my opinion, US graduate programs tend to “hold your hand” more through your graduate studies ( which is not a bad thing!) and UK graduate programs tend to give you a lot of freedom to take control of your own studies. Also, I just loved being in the center of the world- I was a train ride or a quick flight away from Paris, Italy, etc.. I love how London is so multicultural and diverse- it truly enriches your abroad experience.

5. Do you have any advice for someone interested in pursuing graduate studies abroad?

  • Make sure you apply for your student Visa as early as possible as the process can be cumbersome!
  • Look into international scholarships as they often exist ( we unfortunately have to pay the non-EU tuition fee 😦 )
  • Find previous students of graduate programs of your interest on Linkedin and ask to speak to them about the program. Ask as many questions as possible as moving abroad is a big decision!
  • If you are planning to move back to the US, make sure your graduate program abroad translates to the job market or academic position desired as foreign degrees can be confusing to US employers. Ask the graduate program in advance for graduation to employment rates of their previous graduation classes!

To connect with Megan, check out her Linkedin page.

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