4 Tips for Test Prep During These Uncertain Times

There are currently so many delays and canceled tests and a ton of uncertainty over when students will actually be able to sit in a room and take the test. This makes it so easy to stop studying and to focus, instead, on other things. Don’t let yourself fall behind! Follow these simple tips to keep on top of your studying and still get the results you want and are capable of.

1. Schedule – At the beginning of the week, plan out your schedule. Which days will you do Test Prep? What times? Plan it out! Keep your study materials together and organized, and keep your study schedule consistent.

Remember, increasing your score will take a significant amount of time—anywhere from ten to one-hundred hours of studying. With the testing delays, you could pare down your studying to just one or two hours per week, but make sure to plan it into your week!

2. Breathe –  Things are crazy and unknown right now, so remember to breathe whenever you begin to feel anxious. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous or completely perplexed trying to imagine what the future will look like. Believe me, I’m in the same boat. So bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing on your breath for a few minutes. You can also check out this great meditation by Yoga with Adriene whenever the anxiety threatens to overwhelm you.

3. Practice, practice, practice – Remember, standardized tests like the ACT or GRE test your knowledge of the test, so that means you need to get to know the test intimately. The more practice problems you do, the more familiar you’ll be.

4. Review your mistakes – You know I love the Mistake Log because this tool allows you to understand the mistakes you tend to make and avoid them in the future. 

You got this!

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